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This article explains in detail exactly what VirtualShield VPN is, and how it works under the hood. It also teaches you how to get started protecting all of your devices using VirtualShield.

Learn how to create a new account, how to log in to the app, and how to activate VPN protection for the very first time. It doesn't matter which device you are using, this article applies to computers, cell phones, tablets, and more.

What is a VPN? Signing Up Logging In Activating VPN

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What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Technically speaking, a VPN is a service that creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet. In other words, it allows you to browse the internet without anyone being able to see what you are doing online.

First and foremost, a VPN hides your location by scrambling your IP address. It also encrypts your data, and hides your traffic from all third-parties including websites, the government, Internet/Cellular providers, and more.

An anonymous VPN works differently from a private browser or a proxy server. Learn more about the differences here.

Why is a VPN important?

When you're connected to the internet, these third-parties try to collect your information. This includes various details like the device you're using, your Operating System, the websites you visit frequently, and most importantly your IP address and your physical location.

The IP address isn't everything, it's just a visualization of what VirtualShield is doing in the background. Basically a VPN allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet.

VirtualShield's network uses patented technology to encrypt and protect your private online activity from potential hackers. What this means is that your entire internet connection is passed through our servers to give you a private tunnel to the internet, preventing all third-parties from seeing what you're doing.

You can learn more about our VPN technology, and all of the benefits of using a VPN here.

Why choose VirtualShield?

At VirtualShield, your online privacy and security is our number one concern above all else. That's why we have a completely 100% Zero Logs policy, which means we don't track, monitor, or know what you do online. We will never filter or censor any of your internet traffic.

On top of that, we offer a 30 day risk-free trial period with all of our plans, so you can give us a try before you actually start to pay for our services. You can cancel your account at any time during your free trial period and you will not be billed.

If you're just looking to hide your location, a VirtualShield VPN plan is all you need in order to be protected. However, if you want to be fully protected and take advantage of the exclusive extras we offer, one of our other plans might interest you:


Protect your entire family and all of your devices with our fast, secure, unlimited VPN service. Includes Unlimited devices, Over 25 virtual regions to choose from, Unrestricted streaming on your favorite apps & websites, and more.


Everything included with a VirtualShield VPN plan, plus Ad & Malware blocking for a faster, safer, and more enjoyable browsing experience. Other features include Identity theft protection and Credit monitoring, Personal data removal, Invisible VPN, Gaming Mode, Priority Phone support, and more.

Common Questions

I use a free VPN, am I still protected?
Yes and no. Free VPNs collect your information, and sell it to advertisers. Learn more about the difference between free VPNs and paid ones here.
I use a proxy server, do I still need a VPN?
A proxy will hide the data inside of your web browser, but it will not protect or encrypt the other apps running on your device. Learn more about the differences here.

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