Adding Users to your Family Plan


VirtualShield now offers support for unlimited devices. Each user on an account, whether it's an Individual or a Family plan, gets unlimited devices.

No more restrictions, device limitations, or caps on your bandwidth. VirtualShield has gone UNLIMITED.

Adding Users to your Subscription

All of our plans have been updated to be user based rather than device based. This means each user can have unlimited devices, and additional users can be added to each of our new plans.

Our Individual plans support 1 user and Family plans support up to 5 users.


Start by logging in to your online Account Dashboard using the link below:


Select My Subscription from the navigation menu, if it is not selected already.


Below Family Members, press the + Add member button.

You can also remove additional users from your plan at any time by pressing the Trash icon.

Enter your family member's e-mail address, then press Invite.

A confirmation link will be sent to their e-mail. Their status will remain Inactive until the e-mail address has been confirmed.

That's it! After confirming their e-mail address, they will be able to log in and connect to our apps on each of their various devices as well.

Do not share your passwords with anyone. The entire purpose of a VPN is to keep your personal and private data secure and out of the wrong hands. Sharing your password defeats this purpose.

Common Questions

Can I upgrade my Individual plan to a Family plan?
Of course! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time by visiting your Account Dashboard. See our support article for more information.
What happens if I downgrade my subscription at a later date?
If you downgrade from a Family plan to an Individual one, each of the additional users will also be removed from your subscription when you downgrade.

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