How many devices can I use?


As of October 1st, 2021, VirtualShield now offers support for unlimited devices. Each user on an account, whether it's an Individual or a Family plan, gets unlimited devices.

No more restrictions, device limitations, or caps on your bandwidth. VirtualShield has gone UNLIMITED.

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How does it work?

While we understand that sharing accounts and passwords is very easy, it is not the most secure sharing solution. As you may already know, sharing your password can lead to dangerous consequences.

To combat this problem, we now offer affordable Family plans where every user can have their own username and password, along with unlimited devices.

Our plans have been updated to be user based rather than device based. This means each user can have unlimited devices, and additional users can be added to each of our new plans.

Our Individual plans support 1 user and Family plans support up to 5 users.

Which plan do I choose?

If you would like to share your subscription with friends and family, one of our Family plans is recommended. They will be able to connect to our secure VPN network on each of their various devices as well.

Otherwise, the Individual plan is all you need in order to be protected. The plan you choose is entirely up to you depending on your individual needs.


Our Individual plans are designed for single person accounts. These plans include unlimited devices once you enable 2-factor authentication. If you don't, then it is limited to 6 devices.


Our Family plans include up to 5 total users, each with their own logins and unlimited devices. The reason we do this is to encourage every user having their own account.

Additional Information

How do I add users to my Family plan?

You can add additional users to your subscription at any time by logging in to your Account Dashboard. Simply enter your family member's e-mail address, then press Invite.

See our support article for more information on how to add additional users to your plan.

Can I share my password with friends and family?

Technically you can, but it is not recommended. The entire purpose of a VPN is to keep your personal and private data secure and out of the wrong hands. Sharing your password defeats this purpose.

When you share your password with someone else, you might be giving your friends and family access to your other accounts without even knowing it.

That's why using a secure password is so important. Hackers use tools to steal/crack passwords that contain common letters, numbers, or phrases.

Common Questions

Can I upgrade my Individual plan to a Family plan?
Of course! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time by visiting your Account Dashboard. See our support article for more information.
What happens if I downgrade my subscription at a later date?
If you downgrade from a Family plan to an Individual one, each of the additional users will also be removed from your subscription when you downgrade.

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