Refunds for Apple In-App Purchases


Apple gives us very little control over refunds for in-app purchases from the Apple App Store. All refund requests must go through them.

Before we let you go, please take a moment to reach out to our support team so that we can try and assist you and make it right.

How to request a refund

App Store customers can request refunds in several ways, such as:

Contacting Apple Customer Support and asking for a refund.

Visit, or call 1‑800‑APLCARE.

Logging in and using Apple's Self-service tool to request a refund.

See this Apple support article for detailed instructions.

Contacting your payment method issuer and asking for a refund.

Common Questions

If I cancel during my free trial period, will I still be billed?
No, you can cancel at any time during your 30 day free trial period and you will not be billed. This allows you to give us a try before you actually start to pay for our services.
I canceled from my Account Dashboard, will I receive a refund?
Your subscription will stay active for the remainder of your current term. If you signed up on our website, you can simply contact our support team to request a refund.

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