Using Global HotKeys


This feature allows you to control VirtualShield using keyboard shortcuts when it is running in the background. For example, you can use HotKeys to quickly connect/disconnect the VPN without opening the app first.

 Windows  Linux (Coming soon)


If you frequently connect to the VPN or if you are visually impaired, using Global HotKeys can help increase productivity and speed up this process.

Keyboard shortcuts can also be used to quickly adjust your settings, change your VPN location, and perform other various tasks.

By default, this option is enabled. You can also disable this option if it interferes with other apps, or if you would prefer to use the app without shortcuts.

Global HotKeys

How to enable or disable Global HotKeys on your Windows computer:

Open VirtualShield and log in to your account, if you are not logged in already.

For more help logging in and connecting, see our support article.

Click the Settings link near the corner of the app to open the Settings panel.


Select the App Settings tab to customize your App Settings.

You can also right-click the shield icon next to your clock, and navigate to App Settings from the popup menu.


Toggle the Global HotKeys option on or off, then click the  back arrow to return to the Home screen.

Common Questions

Does it make a difference if I disable this option?
No, disabling Global HotKeys is entirely optional. It is not required in order to be protected. Disabling this option is entirely up to you.
Why can't I see this option on my device?
We'll be adding this option to more devices very soon, including macOS, Linux, and more. Contact us for more detailed information.

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